Image based on lidar data left, converted to a hologram right Lidar is commonly used in agriculture, archaeology and geography, but it is also being trialled in autonomous vehicles for obstacle detection. Using lidar, the researchers scanned Malet Street, a busy street on the UCL campus in central London. Co-author Phil Wilkes, a geographer who normally uses lidar to scan tropical forests, scanned the whole street using a technique called terrestrial laser scanning. Millions of pulses were sent out from multiple positions along Malet Street. The lidar data was then combined with point cloud data, building up a 3D model. “This way, we can stitch the scans together, building a whole scene, which doesn’t only capture trees, but cars, trucks, people, signs, and everything else you would see on a typical city street,” said Wilkes. “Although the data we captured was from a stationary platform, it’s similar to the sensors that will be in the next generation of autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles.” When the 3D model of Malet St was completed, the researchers then transformed various objects on the street into holographic projections. The lidar data, in the form of point clouds, was processed by separation algorithms to identify and extract the target objects. Another algorithm was used to convert the target objects into computer-generated diffraction patterns. These data points were implemented into the optical setup to project 3D holographic objects into the driver’s field of view. The optical setup is capable of projecting multiple layers of holograms with the help of advanced algorithms. The holographic projection can appear at different sizes and is aligned with the position of the represented real object on the street. For example, a hidden street sign would appear as a holographic projection relative to its actual position behind the obstruction, acting as an alert mechanism. In the future, the researchers hope to refine their system by personalising the layout of the head-up displays and have created an algorithm capable of projecting several layers of different objects. These layered holograms can be freely arranged in the driver’s vision space. For example, in the first layer, a traffic sign at a further distance can be projected at a smaller size.


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Moreover, these ground currents often contain harmonics, which when combined may become significant in the output side neutral leg of a 208/120 volt 3-phase Wye system, where the neutral may be bonded to ground at the PDU. The Green Grid introduced Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in 2007 and since then the quest for data center energy efficiency has influenced many areas of the data center infrastructure. This includes the increase use of variable frequency drives for cooling systems. If the UPS software detects a problem with the input power, it transfers the load back to the inverter. This has also driven UPS manufacturers to improve the mainstay of the conditioned power; the classic double-conversion online UPS. While there have been many clear improvements in the last decade in the efficiency of the double-conversion electronics (moving the average from the mid-80% range to the low-90% under low loads), another efficiency scheme was developed; the so-called “energy saver” or “eco-mode”. To reduce double-conversion losses, this “eco-mode” of operation monitors the quality of the power input to the UPS and if it is deemed satisfactory, automatically puts the UPS into static bypass of the inverter condition, via the internal static bypass switch (solid state), which routes utility power directly to the ITE Load. If the UPS software detects a problem with the input power, it transfers the load back to the inverter. UPS vendors claim this is safe, since the transfer occurs within 4-8 milliseconds (which is within the CEBMA curve). While this may be true, only a PQ meter with an event recorder could monitor, verify and document if there are any issues. In the U.S., for most midsize and larger data centers the UPS is typically a 480V system and the voltage to the ITE is stepped down to 208/120 volts at a floor level PDU with an internal transformer. The type and rating (k-factor) of transformer will determine how well it can handle harmonics generated by load, which are primarily ITE switched-mode power supplies (which as noted earlier, have a harmonic currents and a power factor which can vary with load). The higher the k-factor rating specified in the PDU (typically K1, K4, k13, andK20) the better in can tolerate the harmonic content of the load. However, the cost of the transformer increases with the k-factor and in some cases a lowest k-factor transformer (K-1) was used because the k-factor was not specified in a price based bid, or for other financial reasons. As a result, the transformer will heat-up (or overheat) as well as saturate, introducing waveform distortion, and therefore is a good candidate for PQ metering. Grounding practices in data centers are a complex and often misunderstood issue. There are many basic electrical code life-safety specifications and requirements for bonding and grounding the electrical system for any building. Data centers have numerous special requirements since data networks and ITE can be impacted by noise. There are many technical whitepapers as well as IEEE and TIA specifications that addresses and differentiates data center and telecommunications system signal grounding from basic life-safety electrical grounding requirements.